Join Dr. Mosquera and saludmóvil in #ConnectChat with PR Newswire

Are you a Latino who dreads going to the doctor or seeking out health care in the US?

Make sure you are following @DrMosqueraMD on Twitter and tune in tomorrow Tuesday March 22, 3 to 4 p.m. EDT, to learn more about why you should be excited about the upcoming saludmóvil® launch this fall

saludmóvil’s founder and chief medical expert Dr. Joseph Mosquera is teaming up with news agency PRNewswire  for a Twitter chat, giving users the inside scoop on how one doctor’s passionate idea to improve bilingual health care in the United States will soon become a cost-free reality for any Latino who has access to internet.

saludmóvil® is an online bicultural publication providing quality digital health information in both Spanish and English in the form of well-written and researched articles, immaculately produced video, and easy to follow audio.

Latinos are the ethnic group least likely to visit the doctor, according to the latest report from United States Census Bureau.  Dr. Mosquera believes saludmóvil can provide Hispanics in the US with quality health care information that shrinks the disparities found in America’s Latino health care access.

Dr. Mosquera believes the Hispanic health oriented website will provide the growing Hispanic community in the U.S. with concerned and engaging medical and health information in a culturally relevant manner.

Tuesday’s Twitter question and answer session hosted by PR Newswire can be followed by the hashtag #ConnectChat, “saludmóvil: Creating a Startup from Inception to Launch.” Just by searching the hashtag #connectchat, you can learn how Dr. Mosquera is taking an idea that has the potential to help so many people and is making it a reality.

Dr. Mosquera will be discussing the start-up step by step, describing the moment the idea for saludmóvil first popped into his head all the way  down to the timing of the upcoming launch date this spring. Twitter chat participants will find out in the doctor’s own words why he believes saludmóvil possesses the potential to benefit millions of lives, and what makes this a passionate project for everyone involved.  

To submit questions for Dr. Mosquera in advance, please email or tweet your question to @DrMosqueraMD, @ProfNet or @ProfNetMedia. We’ll try to get to as many questions as we can, so the sooner you submit the better!

You can also ask your question live during the Twitter chat or get involved in the conversation.

To help keep track of the whole conversation, the #connectchat hashtag will be used. Please remember to use that hashtag if you are tweeting a question or any comments.

If you can’t make it on Twitter for the chat, don’t worry. You can follow the doctor’s Twitter feed live on the blog or a transcript can be found on ProfNet Connect the following day.

Tune in to the #connectchat between 3-4pm Tuesday March 22 and be inspired by Dr. Mosquera’s perseverance of supporting an idea that can radically reduce the current Latino health care disparity.