Location & Hours in Newark office

Address: 137 Prospect Street, Newark, NJ 07105

Telephone Number: 973 597 8988

No appointment necessary

Hours Through the end of August:  Mondays AND Fridays, 8am-12pm,  2pm-7pm

Weekend Hours: Saturdays 7am-1pm

Media & Public Relations:
For inquiries, please email

  • Raul Coutinho

    Hi Dr. Mosquera !!
    Me and my wife ‘d like to know if you work with Clover Health Ins. Co.
    Thank you vm,
    Raul & Elisa Coutinho

    • Elara Mosquera


      I do not work with Clover health, but just had a chance to look them up- their mission really resonates with me. are you connected in some way or do you use clover health?